Monday, August 30, 2010

The Expendables (Not the movie, sorry)

As you can tell, I'm trying to make up for my lack of posts over the past few days. I'm going to move away from metal for a little bit, because I'm sure that's not the only thing you guys listen to. I've always had a very broad taste in music, and that's really going to start showing as we move away from loud stuff. The Expendables is a sort of Reggae/Rock combination. They have very strong Reggae roots, but a few of their songs (generally the commercially successful ones) have a rock feel to them. I'd recommend this band to fans of: Sublime, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob/Ziggy Marley, and quite possibly fans of Ska bands such as Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22, etc. Purely from listening to some of their lyrics I'd say that the majority of their fans are what most of society refers to as "stoners". While I do not, I must agree that those people are their general audience, with songs such as "Bowl For Two", and "Ganja Smuggling".

Above is the song Sacrifice, off of the album Gettin' Filthy. As always, the majority of their more well-known songs are in the related section at the end of this video. This includes Ganja Smugglin', Down Down Down, and Bowl For Two. The song has what most people would describe as a trippy feeling to it, and it sounds like it's heavily influenced by Sublime and some generic 80's rock band such as Scorpions. All in all, a very good band if you're into Reggae/Ska, although they certainly aren't a Ska band. READ: As short as these posts are, I enjoy writing them, so I hope you enjoy reading them. Feel free to leave a comment on my latest post with a band you want me to review, I'll be more than happy to listen to them if I haven't heard them.


  1. this isn't really my favorite type of music, but I can tell that it's pretty good for the genre, so I guess I like it. Nice pick!

  2. I have been a long time fan of catch 22 and streetlight manifesto.

  3. hai there back from high school being a freshie suckssss! oh no!!! anyways i did the daily loop of your page *wink* *wink* if u know what i mean circlebuddy! well wanna return the favor!!! psssst! love your blog <3 :D -Ashley