Monday, August 30, 2010

Hail the Villain

I know I'm going to get ragged on for this post because of the bands I reference in it, but I'm posting it anyway. Last month, I went to an Avenged Sevenfold/All That Remains concert. The band that opened for the entire show was the one I'm posting about today, Hail the Villain. They've recently released their very first album in late June 2010, and I have to say I'm very impressed with how it came out. I really don't have any complaints about the album, I can listen to the entire thing without skipping songs. This is partly because they sound fairly similar to one another, but I'm not looking for extreme variety from a band that's just made an album. They have a very raw sound to their music, and if you're a fan of Avenged Sevenfold, Ministry, Pillar, etc. you'll almost definitely like this album.

The video above (As usual, links to most of the songs off of the album are in the related videos at the end of the one posted) is, in my opinion, the most entertaining song on the album. Which isn't to say the other ones are worse, this is just my personal favorite. Not only do they make good music for an up-and-coming band, they also put on a great show. If it wasn't for the absurd amounts of pyrotechnics used by All That Remains and Avenged Sevenfold, I would argue that they put on a better show. Long and short, they put on an amazing show for what they had to work with. READ: As short as these posts are, I enjoy writing them, so I hope you enjoy reading them. Feel free to leave a comment on my latest post with a band you want me to review, I'll be more than happy to listen to them if I haven't heard them.

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